PRIME is a premium brand of Rehoboth which is running 50 business centers national wide with 22 years of its history.
- Business registration service
- Administrative & logistic support
- Reception service
- Operator service
- Mailing address service
- Zero cost of office setup
- Professional logistic backup
- Maximizing time efficiency
- Minimizing cost of HR management
- Remote management
- Different package, flexible choice
- Business Address Registered means the business address of your company is registered under
the name of Rehoboth Prime Gongdeok Business Center, in order to be an actual external registered
operating location. (where your company established )

- This service is suitable for use of both foreign and domestic companies generally in need of an
exact official business address to offer National Tax Service.
- Registered mail, Express Service
- Parcel
- Ordinary & Urgent mail
- By e-mail or SMS(Short message) to contact you
- Facsimile Service
- Mail collected by assigned secretary of Rehoboth Prime Gongdeok Business Center, daily
- Book any meeting room or conference room of Rehoboth Prime Gongdeok Business Center.
- Free services offered by our secretaries, such as hotel, serviced apartment and flight booking service.
- Package A + Bilingual Telephone Secretary Service
- Answer in your company's name.
- Contact you immediately, with your direct line.